Brava Light-Powered Smart Oven

Posted: March 27, 2023
Brava Light-Powered Smart Oven
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A home-cooked meal, ahhh. Brava! It's delicious, from the heart, and probably way healthier than anything you would eat out. ... Unless it's burnt. Or takes so long to cook you give up and order takeout halfway through. Or produces so many dirty dishes you swear never to do it again. In that case, Brava! The smart oven that promises to revolutionize the way you cook, and prepare restaurant-quality meals with...some lamps.

The Brava is built with 6 cylindrical light bulbs, 3 on the top and 3 on the bottom, the company says ignite to "searing-hot heat energy," and begin cooking your food, the moment you turn them on. With no preheat required, and pulses of light cooking food at controlled maximum heats, meals will be ready in far less time, and without risk of overcooking. Further, each lamp column on the Brava represents its own zone, so the oven can cook 3 different ingredients / foods on the same tray to different donenesses simultaneously.

Being smart as it is, the Brava also comes with built-in recipes it knows it can bang out like a Michelin-starred chef, and cooking programs that walk you through meal prep before its own superhero power of light takes over. If you're a Michelin-starred chef yourself, you can customize the Brava's existing cooking guides, or create recipes and programs of your own.

The Brava Oven has a nonstick tray and interior surface that are easy to clean / wipe down after use. Its relatively small footprint will take up just 16.4" x 17.3" on your countertop.

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