Cast Iron & Wood Kitchen Knife

Posted: January 29, 2018
Cast Iron & Wood Kitchen Knife
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Chifen Cheng's cast iron and wood kitchen knife has won multiple design awards from official contests and organizations, plus one enthusiastic and gentlemanly bow from me. I wish there were a video of the knife's walnut blade slicing vegetables, and its cast iron handle grinding spices like Cheng and collaborator Maison Milan say it can, because if this thing truly cuts like a knife, then I'm ready to make it feel so right in my own hand.

Typically, "knives" shaped like Cheng's are sold as pastry scrapers, or herb and vegetable choppers. They're made of stainless steel or plastic and don't look anything like a manly trophy I'd be proud to display on my desk. In addition to its pleasing aesthetics and solid walnut slicing blade the knife can function as the pestle half of a mortar and pestle, breaking down salt, pepper, other spices, and nuts. And since the blade is so wide, you can use it as a scraper to scoop up ingredients for transfer to a bowl or pan.

Wooden knife dimensions are 4.25" wide x 6.75" long x 1" thick. It weighs 9.9 ounces.

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