CoffeeB Globe Coffee Ball Brewer

Posted: September 17, 2022
CoffeeB Globe Coffee Ball Brewer
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I've heard of a ball buster, but a ball brewer? Hmmm...sounds like it could be even worse! But in this case, at least as balls and brewing relate to coffee, CoffeeB says it is much, much better. The Swiss company has developed single-serving, waste-free Coffee Balls as an alternative to eco-unfriendly aluminum and plastic capsules, along with a handsome contemporary coffee maker to percolate them.

CoffeeB Coffee Balls allow for the same per-cup personal preferences for coffee type and brew strength as the likes of coffee pods, but rather than inorganic, destructive materials CoffeeB uses a patented technology to press freshly roasted and ground coffee beans into perfect little spheres, and then wraps them in a natural protective coating that holds their shape. A laser marks coffee type directly on the Coffee Balls, eliminating the use of ink as well. Balls are 100% compostable in home gardens or citywide collections.

The CoffeeB Globe coffee maker offers all the same features as other higher-end single-serve brewers, including programmable cup sizes, silent brewing, fast heating time, 19 bars of pressure, and automatic switch-off after 1 minute. Its brewing process begins by moistening the Coffee Ball inside the machine, softening it enough to squeeze, pierce, and inflate it with water. Coffee is then extracted at a pressure of 7 to 12 bars (though the machine pump itself operates at 19). Once a cup is brewed, the Globe ejects the used Coffee Ball into a collection tray.

CoffeeB's Globe Coffee Ball Brewer comes in Black and White.

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