Cover Blubber Food Savers

Posted: May 08, 2014
Cover Blubber Food Savers
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Like Food Huggers, Cover Blubbers are condom-ish pieces of sticky rubber that fit directly over leftovers for preservation and storage. Kind of like plastic wrap or foil, except Cover Blubbers actually adhere and stay put, and won't give you cancer. Probably. They at least contain no BPA or Phthalates. Also, Cover Blubbers look like the capsules of wet oozy blob slime I used to get out of gumball machines and throw against things such as my mama's walls.

A set of 4 reusable food wraps, Cover Blubbers keep food safe from the moisture suckage and frostbite of refrigerators and freezers, plus prevent individual items' odiferous flavors from infiltrating one another. Because if I wanted my watermelon injected with eau de mackerel, I would just mash the two together on my plate with some peas and cornbread like all my +75-year-old friends at my grandpa's retirement home do.

Cover Blubbers stretch and mutate to provide an airtight seal over surfaces ranging from 3" to 12" in diameter. In addition to food containers and actual pieces of food, the adhesive covers can also separate from the world tops of paint cans, pots of soil, and the cup of pee my friend Victor got me so I can take a drug test at work tomorrow.

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