Digital Measuring Cup Scale

Posted: December 11, 2012
Digital Measuring Cup Scale
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Foodies, space conservationists, and those who don't have rad to the max mamas to cook all of your meals for you and deliver them weekly in Tupperware containers with clear content labels and smiley faces and notes about how awesome you are like I do, might I recommend a quick perusal of the Taylor Digital Measuring Cup Scale? It gauges both weight and volume of solids and liquids, and, rounding out the three states of matter, if you type in what you're making, will also estimate the likelihood of the dish causing gas. Well, I think it should anyway.

An apparent first of its kind, the measuring cup-scale combo can transition seamlessly between Oh-Zees weight and Oh-Zees volume as the recipe dictates, telling you how many cups of Nesquik chocolate milk you're putting in your pancakes one minute, and how many pounds of Frooty Pebbles are going in the next. The scale is specifically preprogrammed to convert weight to volume for water, milk, oil, sugar, and flour. It has a 4.4-pound weight and 1 liter volume capacity. Measurement options include milliliters, cups, fluid ounces, grams, and pounds.

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