Dorai Diatomaceous Earth Dish Drying Pad

Posted: August 16, 2022
Dorai Diatomaceous Earth Dish Drying Pad
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Dorai Diatomaceous Earth Dish Drying Pad...no, wait, take out the "Earth." Dorai Diatomaceous Dish Drying Pad - say it 5 times fast. I'll hold while you look up how to pronounce "diatomaceous" like I did.

We've seen diatomaceous earth, a sustainable form of fossilized aquatic organisms called diatoms, used before in decorative household items. Previously, it was bath mats, thanks to the compound's ability to absorb water quickly, and its cool, minimalist stone look. Dorai takes advantage of these same qualities in their Dish Pad iteration, combining compressed diatomaceous earth (they simplify that mouthful and refer to merely as "algae") with recycled paper to create handsome folding mats they say can hold up to 150% of their weight in water, which then evaporates in seconds.

Compared to dish towels and other drying pads, the Dorai Dish Pad won't stay damp and soggy for hours, and therefore won't start to smell rank or encourage bacteria / fungal growth.

Dish Pads are wrapped in a silicone webbing to protect dishes that can break or scratch from the hard, stone-like surface underneath. Their trifold design allows for easy drawer or cabinet storage. In addition to dishes, the pad is also suitable for drying fruits and vegetables. It comes in Sandstone and Slate colors, and measures 19.91" x 15.21" when fully open.

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