Dyson Cyclone Belt Coffee Machine

Posted: July 07, 2016
Dyson Cyclone Belt Coffee Machine

Dyson keeps your life clean, cool, and now--if Jaehyo Lee's concept for a coffee maker comes to percolation--caffeinated. The Dyson Cyclone Belt Coffee Machine repurposes the technology of Dyson's vacuum cleaners and the design of Dyson's Air Multiplier table fan into a device that appears to work with the same elegance and flair dripping coffee as it does sucking dirt and blowing wind.

Lee says his coffee maker would apply the innovative Dyson cyclone method to water, using the whirling tech to heat and propel water in the machine's base up the channels of its ring. There it would drip through coffee stored and ground at the top, and then out into your cup. LED lighting around the Cyclone's control buttons would change from Ready Red to Brewing Pink to Drink Up Blue.

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