Edge of Belgravia Arondight Chef Knife Set

Posted: August 29, 2019
Edge of Belgravia Arondight Chef Knife Set
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So, uh, does this Arondight Chef Knife Set come with the red cabbage knife block, Edge of Belgravia? 'Cause that's pretty much the selling point (yuk, yuk, yuk) for me.

Whatever, dude, I know I'm hilarious. I could also be serious. If they can make blankets that look exactly like lettuce, why not kitchen knife blocks that look exactly like cabbage?

Edge of Belgravia is a design-heavy chef knife brand whose Arondight set sticks with the company's goal of adding both sharp blades and a sharp artistic touch to your kitchen. London designer Christian Bird created the 7-piece collection with diamond facet shaped handles and stainless steel blades that E of B says will be easy to sharpen. Knives included in the Arondight Chef Knife Set:

  • Chef knife, 7.5"
  • Slicing knife, 7.5"
  • Bread knife, 7.5"
  • Chef knife, 6"
  • Filleting Knife, 6"
  • Deba Knife, 5"
  • Paring knife, 4"

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