Fasta Pasta Microwave Pasta Cooker

Posted: May 06, 2016
Fasta Pasta Microwave Pasta Cooker
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For those who claim to be so lousy in the kitchen you can't even boil water, the Fasta Pasta is for you. For those who don't have much of a kitchen in you studio, basement, or dorm room, the Fasta Pasta is also for you. And for the rest of us, those who are decent cooks with full kitchens, but hate waiting 11 years for a pot of water to bubble, and hate even more cleaning up the mess it makes once it finally does bubble...right over the side of the pot with a mess of gummy spaghetti foam...the Fasta Pasta is for us too.

Some things go terribly wrong when you put them in the microwave to save time. Eggs. Fish. Chicken. Marshmallows. But Fasta Pasta swears its little noodle coffin will cook perfectly even, al dente pasta without boil over, sticking, steaming up your house, or wasting mad stovetop energy every single time.

If you're feasting on spaghetti bolognese or some other long-legged noodle dish, use the Fasta Pasta lid to measure out up to 4 servings. You can also use the container to microwave non-stick noodles, such as macaroni, lasagna, and rotini. Once the pasta is in, add water according to the fill lines on the side of the cooker, and microwave the container, lid off, on high according to the included instruction book. When nuking is complete, put the lid back on the container to drain.

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