Food Huggers

Posted: January 07, 2014
Food Huggers
$14 - $19
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Haha, so long Ziploc bag press 'n' seal tracks that don't frikkin' press 'n' seal! I've got rubbers to keep my leftover produce safe now! OK, technically 100% BPA-free, FDA grade silicone, but the point is Food Huggers have arrived to preserve the other halves of my oranges, limes, and apples, plus a whole bunch of vegetables my mama buys that I refuse to eat, for later use. Without the hassle and waste of plastic bags or the space consumption of tupperware containers.

Nested in sets of 4, Food Huggers can accommodate food in sizes ranging from limes and kiwis on the small end to grapefruit and eggplant on the larger side. The fresh sealers can also cover open cans and jars. A separate Food Hugger has been developed specifically for avocados because avocados are vainglorious and always demand special treatment.

Like true champs, Food Huggers stand up to dishwashers, microwaves, and freezers. The 4-piece sets come in the buyer's choice of four different color schemes. Four different color schemes to choose from! Geez! Nothing is simple anymore, is it? Yesterday I stood in the condiment aisle of the grocery store for 20 minutes trying to select a BBQ sauce. When I got home I realized what I'd finally grabbed was smokey brown mustard. Smokey brown mustard ribs are not that good.

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