Handgun Ice Cube Tray

Posted: June 29, 2012
Handgun Ice Cubes
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For the first time ever, if someone offered me a shot of ice or a shot of Jager, I might actually choose the former. This set of 6 handgun-shaped molds packs a cache of ice cold heat that screams, "Freeze, bitches!"before firing gripping chills through ornery highballs of Scotch & Soda. And forget the celery and pickled green beans, it's only when teams of gun cubes shoot up Bloody Marys at brunchtime that the saucy ladies feel they've earned true validation and cocktail street cred.

Fred & Friends' Handgun Ice Cube Tray easily pops perfectly-formed cap-poppers from its flexible silicone sheathing. The tray itself adds another layer of mafioso humor with its briefcase-shaped gunmetal gray exterior and cutout carrying handle. Dishwasher-safe and designed for convenient freezer storage, the tray measures 5 4/5" x 7 1/5" x 1".

Oh, and once you've got the ice cube gun, don't forget the ice cube ammo.

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