Heat Resistant Microwavable Bowl Holder

Posted: December 30, 2019
Heat Resistant Microwavable Bowl Holder
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I'm not a little wussy girly man Hans & Franz would make fun of, but, Owwww! Bowls that come out of the microwave are hot! They burn my hands! And the worst part is, I often suffer the pain of a nooked hunk of ceramic only to find with my first bite of leftover chili inside it that the bowl's contents are still cold! I have to stick it back in the microwave and prepare to get burned again.

These simply named Bowl Holders are like pot holders molded into a concave shape that cuddles your bowl and absorbs its microwave-induced heat so you can hold it comfortably when it comes out. The Bowl Holders are heat-resistant, so they can go in the microwave too; no need to burn yourself and defeat the purpose finagling them on after the bowl comes out.

When bowls (or mugs) are wearing their heat cozy, they're also safe for setting down on tables and countertops, as the Bowl Holders act as coasters too.

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