Heat-Resistant Silicone Turkey Lifter

Posted: October 29, 2018
Heat-Resistant Silicone Turkey Lifter
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Forget kettlebells, this season it's all about lifting turkeys. You think you've mastered the Turkish get-up? Pssh! Let's see you do it with a 20-pound roasted bird dripping meat juice down your arm and taunting you with its savory aromas of garlic and thyme.

Or I guess you could also use this heat-resistant silicone Turkey Lifter to help transfer your Thanksgiving dinner from roasting pan to cutting board without burning yourself, getting turkey bits all over your arms and clothes, or fumbling the bird onto the floor. And then burning yourself and getting turkey bits all over your arms and clothes in your haste to pick it back up before the 5-second rule expires.

The flexible Turkey Lifter sits in your roasting pan beneath the turkey while it's cooking. So when it's done, you can just fold it into a sling and use the handles to transfer it to your Dude's Rug Cutting Board. The Lifter can sustain heats up to 445 degrees F, and turkeys up to 21 pounds. A vented bottom facilitates straining juices before moving the turkey post-cooking, plus makes sure the bottom of the bird gets adequate heat during it.

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