Instant Sandwich Decruster & Sealer

Posted: April 02, 2022
Instant Sandwich Decruster & Sealer
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Obviously, this instant Sandwich Decruster & Sealer is made for kids. Spoiled kids. Kids who expect their parents to waste piles and piles of bread over the years so that they don't have to eat the icky crusts, or suffer through the effort of eating around them. What entitled brats. I would never ask my mama to give my sandwiches the instant Sandwich Decruster & Sealer treatment.

What's that? Oh...um...yeah, I suppose that's true. Mama already has the Cut-N-Seal crust remover and sandwich sealer from Pampered Chef, so she doesn't need this Sandwich Decruster & Sealer from Big Leef to make my sandwiches anyway.

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