Jean Patrique Mezzaluna & Bamboo Board

Posted: November 28, 2021
Jean Patrique Mezzaluna & Bamboo Board
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"Mezzaluna" is a fancy Italian word for "half moon," an apt description for the semi-circular blade in this rocking knife for chopping herbs and mincing garlic in the kitchen. And "Jean Patrique" is a fancy French word for a chef who decided to try his hand at making kitchenware. The Jean Patrique Mezzaluna marries the terms and the cultures, adding a bamboo cutting board for an Asian accent, to create a food prep aid as worldly as the cuisine you can use it to make.

The rocking motion of the mezzaluna knife is ideal for cutting small foods and small pieces. Flyaway herbs stay put thanks to the concave center of the bamboo cutting board, and the contoured design of the mezzaluna allows it to move back and forth in a smooth and natural rock that speeds up the cutting process. In addition to fresh herbs, use the Jean Patrique Mezzaluna & Bamboo Board to mince garlic, onion, and chilis, and chop salad.

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