Kitchen Ninja Knife Block

Posted: July 05, 2017
Kitchen Ninja Knife Block
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A Kitchen Ninja Knife Block for all the Kitchen Klutzes like me! Skilled, stealthy, and precise with my blade hovering above an onion I am not, but my inner covert agent of feudal Japan would still like to see this knife wielder in black chilling with his trademark ninja stoicism next to my stove.

Maybe his cut-the-BS scowl will keep my cat off the countertops. Just try to F with Kitchen Ninja's mise en place, Zanzibar!

The Ninja Knife Block comes criss-crossed and in full-frontal presentation with 3 knives: a utility knife; a bread knife; and a chef's knife. It's an honorable kitchen gift for anyone into ninjas, martial arts, or cluttering up their future wife's cooking space with geeky man things. (Again, like me!)

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