Kitchenque Stovetop Smoker

Posted: April 26, 2018
Kitchenque Stovetop Smoker
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Smoked food tastes so complex. So distinct. So...smoky. Charcoal Companion's Kitchenque, a compact indoor smoker, brings those flavors, and the process by which you can achieve them, to the stovetop. Just in time for Father's Day gift shopping.

Though smaller than your average smoker, the Kitchenque is suitable for infusing brisket, ribs, chicken, seafood, or even pizza and hummus. It achieves under-the-dome temperatures of 400 degrees F, and is compatible with most stovetops, including NG/propane, electric, and induction. You can also use the Kitchenque as a grill to cook your food either simultaneously, or before hitting it with the smoke.

The Kitchenque comes with a thermometer, hickory InstaSmoke tube, and a starter pack of superfine wood to conjure the haze.

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