Knuckle Juicer

Posted: June 27, 2020
Knuckle Juicer
$109 - $179
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I am gonna ream your eyes out...lemons. And then I'm comin' for you, limes. The Knuckle Juicer is here to punch the acid out of all your ornery citrus.

A piece in the partnership collection of NYC design studio Object Rights and functional objets d'art retailer Generate, the Knuckle Juicer features a conventional reamer head paired with the conventional finger holes of a knuckle duster, forming a decidedly unconventional take on the classic kitchen and bar tool. It comes in two styles, 3D printed PLA in gray, yellow, or green coating, or handmade ceramic glazed in gold. The Knuckle Juicer is part of a 200-piece limited edition - 150 PLA and 50 ceramic.

If you'd rather juice love, not war, check out the Object Rights collection also has a Ring Juicer that should garner all the same ooohhhhs and aaahhhs from the ladies when you wrap it up as a gift for your girlfriend.

Well, either that or she'll use it to Ring Juicer your eye out because this was the year you promised her a real one.

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