Kylermade Multi-Layer Non-Slip Cutting Board

Posted: February 26, 2021
Kylermade Multi-Layer Non-Slip Cutting Board
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I see 2 benefits of the Kylermade Multi-Layer Non-Slip Cutting Board. The first is the reason Kylermade says Kyler made the cutting board: you can remove and throw out individual layers as they wear, or take a beeting and dye after the night you try your hand at spiralizing.

The second is what I'd be more likely to use a 5-in-1 non-slip multi-layer cutting board for: separating my patients. You know, one layer for meat, one for fish, one for bread and cheese, one for fruits, and one for vegetables. ... Yeah, you say you don't need different cutting boards for fruits and vegetables, but that's probably because you haven't routinely eaten an apple you sliced on one your wife used the night before to chop an onion.

Yeah, I know I could have washed it first, but that would take, like, 4 more steps than just sliding out the Kylermade fruit layer.

Kylermade anticipates each of their layers will last about a year under normal use, and the base the cutting boards reside is coated in a texture-gripped bottom to protect from the dreaded knife slide during use.

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