Le Creuset Star Wars Cookware Collection

Posted: October 05, 2019
Le Creuset Star Wars Cookware Collection
$20 - $900
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Han Solo, poor bastard. First Vader froze him in Carbonite, and now fancy French cookware company Le Creuset has cooked him in cast iron. Coming November 1, 2019, to a very tiny part of a galaxy only as far, far away as your nearest internet connection or Williams Sonoma, is the Le Creuset Star Wars Collection. Ugh. I don't know whether to roll my eyes or start making my Christmas list.

What?! A Porg Pie Bird? Dammit. Christmas list it is.

Nah, I don't cook pies. But my wife and my mama do, and I often watch them come out of the oven, sit on the countertop to cool, and call to me while She-Ra and Mama make threats about what will happen if I answer.

In addition to the Porg Pie Bird and Han Solo Carbonite Roaster - the two most clever pieces, in my opinion - the Le Creuset Star Wars collection includes a Darth Vader Round Dutch Oven, some Mini Cocottes painted with R2-D2, C3PO, and BB-8 graphics, Millennium Falcon and Death Star Trivets, and a Tatooine Round Dutch Oven. None of the latter look that impressive to me, though, especially considering all the Star Wars kitchen stuff already available, and for much, much less money (toaster, measuring cups, ice cube tray, tea kettle, toothpick dispenser, etc. etc.)

Pricing examples from the Le Creuset Star Wars Collection: Han Solo Roaster, $450; Darth Vader Dutch Oven, $395; 3-1/2-quart Tatooine Dutch Oven, since it's hand-painted and limited in number, $900!

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