Levoop Adjustable Leveling Measuring Scoop

Posted: June 09, 2018
Levoop Adjustable Leveling Measuring Scoop
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While I think "Levoop" is a pretty dumb name for an adjustable measuring scoop with a built-in ingredient-leveling tool, I'd still be happy to own and use a Levoop to portion out my protein powder. My wife could use it too, to measure out the exact right amount of flour that will turn the single-serve red velvet cake she's agreed to bake me into a spongy crimson delight instead of a cream cheese-frosted brick.

The Levoop base raises and lowers to set volume measurements between 17.5 and 46.7 mL, or a 7g single shot of fine grind to a 14g double shot of coarse grind coffee. Its handle has a slide button to move a domed leveler forward and back, first scraping off excess ingredient, and then repositioning to make a sort of funnel to help direct the contents into your shaker, maker, or other container.

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