Magical Butter DecarBox

Posted: March 08, 2020
Magical Butter DecarBox
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If you can't say the word "decarboxylation" you're too stoned to be using Magical Butter's DecarBox. Take a nap, come back, and then come back to the kitchen to fire up the oven in preparation some precise, potent, and pee-yew-free herbal activation.

Made by the same marijuana maestros behind the Magical Butter cannabis cooker, the DecarBox is a silicone-shelled container with an integrated digital probe thermometer designed for easy calibration and total accuracy during cannabis decarboxylation and baking. The stay-cool external display allows for to-the-degree monitoring of your herbs while they're in the oven, but without opening the oven, so you can make sure you don't go over or under your desired bake temperature.

The DecarBox's airtight silicone seal also prevents the loss of "valuable plant compounds," plus keeps weedy aromas from escaping it, so your kitchen - and whole apartment on a Sunday afternoon - won't make the neighbors suspect they're living next to a stanky weed culinary master. Even though they are.

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