Maiullari Cooking Box - Kitchen in a Box

Posted: August 07, 2021
Maiullari Cooking Box - Kitchen in a Box

The Maiullari Cooking Box: A Kitchen Solution for...Nomads? The Giovanni Pesce design is clever, I guess, but it seems like even the smallest and most efficient of apartments and homes are equipped with a kitchen. And if they're too small for one of those, how are they going to be big enough to house this culinary magician's box of cooking tricks?

The kitchen-in-a-box streamlines all the primary appliances and surfaces you need to make a meal into an "independent monobloc" consisting of 2 parts. The fixed part houses a hob, sink, over, refrigerator and dishwasher, and measures 25.4" deep. The "lid" of the Cooking Box, situated on wheels to roll open and closed, contains a pantry and folding table, and adds another 12.6" to the compact kitchen's total depth. When closed.

Maiullari doesn't provide information on the Cooking Box's height or width, but you're going to need at least enough overhead clearance to get it into whatever cabin, tiny home, or kitchen-less apartment you deem in need of a Cooking Box, and then enough floor space inside to swing it open like a book. Standard plumbing and electrical connections are still required.

The Cooking Box looks nice and all, but unlike the obvious practicality of the Ori Cloud Bed Table, I just don't see the point of its existence.

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