Mason Jar Storage Racks

Posted: February 24, 2017
Mason Jar Storage Racks
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The best gifts I ever get are the ones I can eat, and especially the ones I can eat that come in a mason jar. Jam. Pickles. Moonshine. I even like beets. Oh, and dude, a lady from my office building gave me a mason jar filled with gingerbread caramel sauce for Christmas. Homemade. Gingerbread. Caramel sauce. Yeah, I pretty much sat down and drank that shit in a single sitting. Which is, case in point, why I love food in mason jars so much: someone put their blood, sweat, and tears into preparing and preserving and presenting me with those toothsome contents. They may have even grown the food inside themselves. And for those people, those very special people, Otter Lab has made the Mom's Mason Jar Rack.

Customizable and scalable, these metal racks mount to the underside of a cabinet, or on a wall or pegboard, and hold 3 regular mouth mason jars apiece. Along with freeing up cabinet interior and countertop space, Mom's Rack...no, better not shorten it to that...Mom's Mason Jar Rack makes organizing, storing, and finding your preserved awesomeness a little easier.

Racks come in sets of 2, and include all mounting hardware and instructions needed for installation.

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