Mercer Rules Stainless Steel Culinary Ruler

Posted: October 15, 2019
Mercer Rules Stainless Steel Culinary Ruler
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Know-it-all chefs, cooks, and foodies may already know all the Mercer Rules, but this stainless steel culinary ruler could be a real prize for those of us still learning...and those of us who don't retain information so well anymore.

Mercer Rules is a 2-sided ruler decorated like a Great British Baking Show showstopper in useful culinary conversions, measurements, and ingredient / tool descriptions. Using words, diagrams, and physical cutouts in the 12" stainless steel kitchen companion, the Mercer Rules ruler serves as a guide to cooking and prep knowledge nuggets such as:

  • Celsius to Fahrenheit and ounces to grams conversion formulas
  • Size and shape comparisons for various types of specific cuts - brunoise, julienne, dice, etc.
  • Types of kitchen knives, and the tasks each is typically used for
  • Primal cuts of pork and beef, shown on pig and cow outlines
  • Quick 'n' dirty proportion recipes for pie dough, pate a choux, and homemade pasta dough

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