Micro Apartment Cooking System (MACS) Concept

Posted: August 22, 2018

The MACS, or Micro Apartment Cooking System, is a concept designed by Aminreza Shokouhi, Saba Beizaei, Sasan Ghaffari to condense stovetop, exhaust, and cookware components into a single, integrated system.

The circular MACS sets into a countertop with lids placed over its 4 induction burners, looking all modern and minimalist when not in use. The burners house their own pots of varying depths, also stored recessed below the countertop, which you'll wake up when you remove the lids and say, "Let's cook!" A built-in exhaust hood rises up from the depths of the MACS too to take care of smoke and steam during use.

MACS induction heat is controlled by an adjustable digital "flame" for each burner. Both the flame setting and a built-in timer are touch-operated. The surface of the range will stay cool even when all burners are in use, since the induction element will heat only the pot body material.

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