Midnight Scoop - Ergonomic Hard Ice Cream Scooper

Posted: July 11, 2018
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I guess they call it the Midnight Scoop because that's about the time of night people start heading to the fridge for a bowl of munchie-, insomnia-, or Ambien-sleepwalking-induced ice cream and F up their wrists trying to scoop the rock-hard frozen treat out of its container.

"YOU HAVE BEEN SCOOPING ICE CREAM WRONG," the Midnight Scoop warns. Meaning, you have been scooping hard ice cream in a way that weirdly contorts and torques out your wrist, and has probably resulted in total futility and a bent a spoon or two over the course of your Mint Chocolate Chip eating years. Since the advent of household microwaves, my Uncle Harry has always, always put his container of ice cream in the nuker for 10 seconds before attempting to scoop it. And every single time the half gallon hits the rotating tray table, and my Aunt Jan freaks out and tells him he's going to "ruin the whole thing! Just let it sit on the counter for 5 minutes, Harry! Can't you wait 5 minutes?!"

The Midnight Scoop seeks to remedy both painful, unproductive scooping, and zapping something that's supposed to be eaten frozen under high heat. The ergonomically designed stainless steel scooper allows you to push into and through your hard ice cream like a snow plow, rather than dig and pry at it sidearm. There's no gimmicky heating element - though people also seem to be pretty happy using the Scoop That! thermo-ring heated ice cream scoop - and no electric or "smart" element to the Midnight Scoop, other than its aerospace engineer-made design, which relies on the strength and leverage you can get from scooping with your large arm muscles and shoulders.

According to caps-loving Midnight Scoop (they must have done all their testing on Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz Ben & Jerry's) their ergonomic kitchen tool "MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE!"

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