Midnight Slice Ergonomic Food Slicer

Posted: May 24, 2021
Midnight Slice Ergonomic Food Slicer
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Well, I've got to sliiiice to feed them pizza / And I'm booooound to make sure they eats-a / And I've got weak hands and some joint pain / But it's not gonna get in my way, no / Not gonna F my wrist with The Midnight Slicer.

Midnight Kitchen Tools, whose Midnight Scoop ergonomic ice cream scooper you may have seen before, have developed a new ergonomic kitchen tool intended to make indulging in one of our favorite foods easier: the Midnight Slice ergonomic pizza cutter.

Well, OK, they call it a "food slicer," because I guess you could technically use the Midnight Slice to cut cooks and bakes other than pizza, but...like what? Quesadillas and Fruit Roll-Ups? You can check out the Midnight Slice's Kickstarter campaign page to see it at work on raw bell peppers and chicken breasts and the like, but at its sharp-bladed-wheeled heart, it's a pizza cutter. It does this:

Midnight Kitchen Tools created what they call "a perfect cutter" based on 3 features: a balanced weight; a sharp blade; and an ergonomic handle. The Midnight Slice's handle is probably its most notable trait, both aesthetically and functionally. Like the Midnight Scoop, it is designed to let users "push" into food using the larger muscles in their chest and arms instead of the smaller, weaker, and more injury-prone ones the wrists. Fine grooves on the handle underside provide grip for control.

If you want to Midnight Slice your way through your midnight pizzas and snacks, pledge for one of the ergonomic food slicers here on Kickstarter through June 10, 2021.

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