NEGG Boiled Egg Peeler

Posted: August 24, 2017
Check It Out

So far my favorite part about the NEGG boiled egg peeler is 18 seconds into the demo video. That's when a patient-looking grandma hand gets frustrated with her old-fashioned egg-peeling efforts and squashes the whole mangled hard-boiled mess with her fist. It starts with a soothing voice over saying, "Sometimes it's a simple task gone wrong," followed by super loud, super awesome SPLAT! sound effect. The voice finishes, "that sparks the idea." [Scene.] Ha!

I'm not a daily downer of hard boiled eggs, but I agree that when I do eat them, they're almost always a giant pain in the egg to peel. I've heard there are tricks to it - drench them in an ice bath as soon as they're finished, add baking soda to the water before boiling, use old eggs - but if the NEGG works as Video Grandma advertises, I'd much, much rather put my cooked unfertilized chickie in a screw-top container with some water and shake, shakeshake, sha-shake it peeled.

NEGG shakers come in 4 different colors and require no assembly, special skills, or inherent rhythm to use. And if in so doing you find you kinda like shaking shells off, check out the Golden Goose and try shake-scrambling raw eggs inside them.

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