Ograte Two-Sided Speed Grater

Posted: April 02, 2023
Ograte Two-Sided Speed Grater
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It's a two-sided speed grater! O ease! O convenience! Ograte! Another up-leveled kitchen tool from Dreamfarm, the Ograte double duty in tackling all your cheese and vegetable shredding needs. On one side food hits the grater's edges in a traditional up-down motion, while on the other, the bladed bits are arranged in a circle, so it works quickly and continuously as you draw big Os with your zucchinis and carrots.

Opposite the Ograte's handle is a nonslip foot that stabilizes the grater during use, and then serves as a scraper to help collect the grated goods when you're ready to move them. The Ograte also comes with a snap-on safety cover that protects the blades on both sides during storage.

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