Olive Wood Steak Plate

Posted: May 17, 2021
Olive Wood Steak Plate
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I never would have thought steak and olive would be such a mouthwatering pairing, but this Olive Wood Steak Plate from BfCart Mallorca has me drooling for a NY strip laid across my own personal cutting board.

And not just any cutting board. The Olive Wood Steak Plate is engineered specifically for juicy meat consumption, with 4 separate spaces divided by channels, so your steak drippin's don't run into your steak seasonings, steak condiments, steak sides, or steak-lovin' lap. I didn't think a perfectly cooked piece of beef - or pork, or lamb, or chicken, or fish for that matter - could look better than it does all by itself, but BfCart Mallorca's handmade olive wood handiwork manages to lift the meal to a new level of stunning and succulent. If you eat first with your eyes, mine are stuffed.

If any of you dudes are looking for a standout Father's Day gift for Dad this year, get your Olive Wood Steak Plate order in soon - the boards ship from Spain and take at least a week to arrive.

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