Peanuts Snoopy on Dog House Cookie Jar

Posted: April 24, 2020
Peanuts Snoopy on Dog House Cookie Jar
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Looks like Snoopy's stuck at home bored out of his gourd too. At least he has the luxury of a schedule and a biology that allow him to nap 18 hours a day. I hope Charlie Brown is taking him for lots of extra walks. I'd also recommend treats of Trader Joe's cornbread and watching live webcams from zoos around the world. My friend Victor's beagle Epley dances like a bear in a tutu over the former, and the latter, well, that's one of my new favorite pastimes.

The Peanuts Snoopy on Dog House Cookie Jar is made from ceramic stoneware, and is part of Enesco's Peanuts ceramics collection. It stands a relatively small 10" tall, its size indicated by, of all things, an apple. An apple to depict the scale of a cookie jar? I feel like there's some Aunt Jan-level shaming about diet and snack choices wrapped up in that image gallery.

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