Pig Paper Towel Holder

Posted: September 13, 2019
Pig Paper Towel Holder
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My wife is going to love this pig paper towel holder almost as much as she loves calling me a pig when I eat. Pig, hog, cochon, oinker - her cruelty knows no limits!

Offensive insinuations or not, a metal pig paper towel holder makes sense as a kitchen addition, especially for families who dig the BBQ ribs and hot wings. Even as it reminds you you're a pig for making a mess, it offers up some fresh white sheets of Bounty or Brawny to help you clean it up.

The pig paper towel holder is made of resin with a metal center bar for holding your rolls. It has an antiqued bronze finish.

Those who are into paper towels but not pigs might check out this dinosaur paper towel holder instead.

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