Polar Bear Chilling on Iceberg Bowl

Posted: August 25, 2022
Polar Bear Chilling on Iceberg Bowl
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Not to be a wet blanket about something as adorable as a bowl with a polar bear chilling on an iceberg at its center, but, uh, pretty soon the image is going to be a snapshot of history. A myth-like representation of the past future generations treat like we do the dinosaurs. Wondering what it was like when those great and wondrous beasts roamed that frozen land....

But, yeah, climate crisis aside, this bowl is terrific! Use it as a serving dish at your next dinner party, or for personal servings of polar-bear-infused soups and salads. Made of white ceramic, the bowl measures 8" in diameter. Volume is stated at about 34 ounces, but it's not clear whether or not that takes into consideration the 3D iceberg and belly-up polar bear figurine rising out of the bottom.

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