Polar Bear Ice Tray

Posted: April 02, 2013
Polar Bear Ice Try
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Not only is a polar bear ice cube tray adorable and perfect for assuaging the injuries of children who hurt themselves doing something stupid that you told them not to, but the design itself is also highly utilitarian, solving two very irritating ice tray issues. 1) No sloshing or mass spillage transferring the liquid-filled mold from the sink to the freezer. 2) No more dropping and dumping cubes all over the green earth while attempting to dislodge them post-freeze.

To use, fill the bear's feet and belly like a water bottle, affix his nose lid, and toss him in the cold box. Or place him there gently. I'm fine with whatever you decide. The tray's 360-seal will keep your contents from absorbing odors from other freezer food, as well as make breaking the ice great fun when it comes time to body slam Polar B on the counter to loosen his cubes, which will then tumble effortlessly out of the same snoutal region that the water streamed in hours before.

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