Sandbox Smart R2 Coffee Roaster

Posted: February 06, 2022
$2,050 - $2,180
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Who wants to play in the Sandbox? The deep brown, deliciously aromatic, and highly caffeinated sandbox of Sandbox Smart's R2 Coffee Roaster. An upgrade to their R1 Coffee Roaster, it's a countertop-sized bean cooker for the home that claims to take all the training and legwork out of roasting your own coffee beans, while producing ultra-fresh, no-fail brews, all customized to your family's specific tastes.

The Sandbox Smart R2 is built with a quartz heating tube and detachable drum that roast beans evenly, and, with a heating mode of up to RoR 35, to your precisely designated roast level and flavor. You'll make all of your roasting selections through the Sandbox Smart App, which includes 60+ official coffee profiles and default recipe settings for various types of beans and roast levels. You can also create and save your own recipes by adjusting parameters such as the time of the first and second crack, roasting time, temperature, fan power, and drum speed.

The R2 roaster has a 19.5-ounce capacity, so roasting a full batch will produce more grinder-ready beans than the average sized bag of coffee. You can also roast smaller batches if you just want enough beans for a day or two.

You can read more about the Sandbox Smart R2 Coffee Roaster on its Kickstarter campaign page, and back the project through March 2, 2022.

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