Scaredy Cat Hot Pot Trivet

Posted: October 20, 2021
Scaredy Cat Hot Pot Trivet
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The Scaredy Cat Hot Pot Trivet is arched and ready to pounce! Prepare to have your face clawed off! ... Unless you quick grab that dutch oven full of chili and squash the Scaredy Cat in place.

I know it sounds like animal cruelty, but hey, it's either you or him.

How about if I throw in that since Scaredy Cat is a trivet, squashing him will also protect your dining table from scorching, and save you from the wrath of your wife or mama in addition to saving you from facial disfigurement?

Yeah, I thought so. Scaredy Cat, prepare to become Scaredy Flat!

OTOTO's Scaredy Cat Hot Pot Trivet is designed to flatten to a sheet of 10.5" x 5.5" x 0.2" silicone when you place a pot, pan, or casserole on its back, and then pop back up to hiss & strike position when you remove it. A fun gift for the kitchen, and the pet lover with a decent sense of humor.

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