SIFTR Can Strainer & Mini Colander

Posted: January 12, 2023
SIFTR Can Strainer & Mini Colander
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The SIFTR Can Strainer & Mini Colander looks like it might work a little better than my method of straining the liquid out of canned goods, which is to place the jagged-edged lid of the opened can back inside it and smooooosh the contents down as I turn the can upside down over the sink. And for foods such as beans that must be rinsed too? Obviously, fill the emptied can with water, and repeat the smooooosh-and-dump process until they are satisfactorily clean.

But I say the SIFTR Can Strainer & Mini Colander might work a little better than this because smoooooshing foods to drain them usually results in, uh, smooshed foods once they're drained. And the main reason I don't just use a colander is that then I would have to clean a whole colander. But the SIFTR colander is so petite and adorable, I'll bet it wouldn't be that much work to wash at all. Or throw in the dishwasher, where it wouldn't take up more than a drinking-glass-sized footprint.

Dudes, in two paragraphs' worth of musing about a completely random kitchen task I don't even do that often, I think I've convinced myself to buy a SIFTR Can Strainer & Mini Colander.

And who knows, maybe the can-draining attachment will end up being one of those items I bought on Amazon I would buy 100 times again.

Or maybe it will end up in the back of a kitchen drawer alongside my watermelon slicer.

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