Sistema Microwave Rice Cooker

Posted: November 16, 2018
Sistema Microwave Rice Cooker
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It's nearly impossible to cook rice on the stovetop like I get when I order it from Thai One On. And I'm not saying Sistema's Microwave Rice Cooker is going to be able to replicate Asian takeout quality exactly (though it might) but I do know that it will be able to cook it more consistently than I do with a pot and a crap burner. And without the boil-over mess.

Plus, if you need a kitchen gift for someone without a true kitchen - college kid, studio apartment dweller, dude who won't come out of his mama's basement - Sistema's method gives a lot more people access to home cooked rice, without taking up the space of an electric rice cooker.

In addition to all varieties of the great grain, the Microwave Rice Cooker can stem up polenta and couscous too. An air release vent on the lid ensures your pot won't run over or splatter across the microwave during cooking.

The one eyebrow-raiser here is the rice cooker's material composition. Sistema says it's "100& virgin plastic," which, uh, WTF does that mean? Presumably just that it's untouched by phthalates and BPAs, not that you're going to have to worry its dad, the big, bad Zojirushi Induction Heating System Rice Cooker, is going to come give you a beatdown every time you microwave some basmati.

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