Smeg Retro Electric Kettle

Posted: May 03, 2022
Smeg Retro Electric Kettle
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You know what an electric kettle is, right? Well this retro electric kettle from Smeg flips the idea of an electric kettle on its head by being an electric kettle designed to look like it's from the 50s, before electric kettles even existed!

Uh, wait. Nevermind. According to Wikipedia, electric kettles in the basic form we know them today were developed by Russell Hobbs in 1955.

Nevertheless, Smeg's 50s Retro Style Kettle represents a fine juxtaposition between the old and the new. And speaking of old and new, I think my old mama could use a new kettle for Mother's Day. And what kettle better than a brand new electric kettle that looks like it's from the olden days? The days of her youth?

This Smeg retro electric kettle is a mini size, with 1400W of power able to heat up to 3 cups of water per boil. Perfect for your morning pour-over coffee, pot of English Breakfast, or, given the kettles come in trademark Smeg candy colors, a tea party with the dolls.

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