Split Decision Pie Pan

Posted: June 30, 2017
Split Decision Pie Pan
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A Split Decision Pie Pan is genius because pie is always a split decision in my house. She-Ra: Princess of Power invariably wants some Frankenstein abomination like Blueberry Lemon Cheddar Streusel, and I, true to good taste and America, want Apple. With a lattice crust, dammit.

But since She-Ra: Princess of Power is also invariably the one of us baking the pie...Frankenpie it is.

I guess the Split Decision Pie Pan veers into Frankenpie Land itself, giving pastry chefs the ability to bake two completely different pies in the same pan. But its pies are more like fraternal twins than pie-brids getting their genetic codes mashed together. They're made by the same hands, share the same womb, and have some of the same traits, but emerge with their own unique appearance and flavor, and one will end up being Mommy's favorite, while the other is Daddy's girl.

Made by Chicago Metallic, the Split Decision Pie Pan is a non-stick, heavy-duty piece of bakeware that comes with 2 inserts. You can use the disc insert to bake a full-size pie, or sub in the one that looks like a round tennis court to get your dueling pie game going. Split Decision Pie Pans are 9" in diameter.

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