Stadium Bundt Pan

Posted: February 04, 2021
Stadium Bundt Pan
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If you were thinking of punting the Super Bowl this year, here's a thought: bundt it instead. Nordic Ware's Stadium Bundt Pan won't transport you to Tampa per se, but it will bring at least one kind of exhilarating action live into your living room: the mowing down on delicious cake kind.

I know the 2020 NFL season was...affected*. Disjointed. Decidedly not fan-friendly. Overshadowed by dozens of other national and personal events. And Super Bowl LV (<-- it's even like Super Bowl LEAVE, reflecting everyone's sentiments about the year it represents!) is set to follow the same template. But Nordic Ware is pushing all of this turmoil and negativity aside, bringing forth the Stadium Bundt Pan, and declaring, "Let them eat cake!"

And for everyone who can't celebrate Super Bowl Sunday at Raymond James Stadium, in a bar with their fellow fans, or even at home partying with 15 bros, why not fill that sad gap flour, sugar, eggs, and a fat tub of frosting? Why not get up Sunday morning, bake a 9-cup stadium-shaped bundt, fill it with a green fondant field, marzipan players, and piped icing fans, and then spend the 4 quarters of Sunday evening devouring the whole thing? Why not watch Super Bowl LV solo and eat some damn cake?

You can wash it down with some chips and guac from your Football Stadium Snack Bowls.

*For future generations, "affected" really means "infected" - the 2020 NFL season was COVID-opted by a global pandemic.

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