Stovetop Korean BBQ Grill Pan

Posted: May 04, 2016
Stovetop Korean BBQ Grill Pan
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If you haven't had or don't know what Korean BBQ is, click here for a thousand words. And here for a thousand more. Typically, a Korean BBQ is a tabletop-sized gas or charcoal grill that diners use to cook their favorite cuts of delicious, delicious meat and seafood right from their seats. Strips of meat are served raw on platters, and then cooked for instant consumption alongside a host of complementary sides, such as lettuce, cucumbers, onion salad, Korean staple kimchi, and spicy sauce.

Here, TeChef gives cooks the option of grilling on their dinner table under a portable burner, or using the good ol' stovetop to bring heat to their meat with a Korean BBQ Grill Plate. The SamGyupSal pan absorbs heat evenly atop portable burners or stovetops thanks to its thermally efficient spiralized interior. It also has a small drain hole with slope at one side to discharge grease runoff (you'll need to place a dish there to catch it), so the pan works dandy for cooking pork candy, as well as any other fatty cuts of meat.

Korean Grill plates have DuPont Teflon Select coating to make them non-stick and easy to clean. Their loopy star pattern, while just there for cool visual effects, is possible thanks to Teflon too--Teflon Print Design technology allows for color and print application without the use of harmful paints.

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