Stuffed Pancake Maker

Posted: December 12, 2021
Stuffed Pancake Maker
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Stuffed pancakes? Stuffed pancakes?! Holy eyegasm, Batman! Jelly donuts and Pop-Tarts better watch out. There's a new carby breakfast food with hidden surprises inside on the block. I guess that goes for breakfast burritos, pain au chocolat, and Wonderffle Waffles too. Geez, I could do a whole post on stuffed breakfast items and the means by which to make or attain them. And I'm bummed I didn't see Pancake Wow's Stuffed Pancake Maker before putting together my roundup of 18 champion gifts for people who love breakfast. I could have easily stuffed it in as number 19.

The Stuffed Pancake Maker is an electric griddle with nonstick plates that sizzle up a perfect pancake envelope with your choice of fillings inside. To use it, pour in some pancake batter, add jam, Nutella, bacon and eggs, whatever you like, and then top it off with more batter. Closing the lid completely encloses the filling, and cooks up a 7" wide stuffed pancake.

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