T-Square Electric Tea Maker

Posted: January 10, 2018
T-Square Electric Tea Maker
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Check out the makeover Gourmia's Tea-Square has given to the electric tea kettle. So modern. So tech savvy. So space-conscious and portable. I guess the great Huey Lewis was right: It's hip to be square.

The Tea-Square is a 4-cup personal brewer that handles every step of the tea making process to, according to Gourmia, your personal definition of perfection. Once you fill the Square's reservoir with water, you can add loose leaf tea directly to its BrewBasket, and then select from 4 different brew modes for a cup made to your tastes.

With Refresh, Light, Medium, and Strong settings the Tea-Square's iTea Boil to Brew technology is designed to produce calibrated and consistent cups of tea without monitoring. It's brew chamber and carafe are made of stainless steel and glass, which Gourmia says will impart no impurities or alter the tea's natural flavors.

The T-Square is also portable and, as a square, can store easily up against a wall or inside a bag when not in use.

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