TARDIS Fridge Skin Kit

Posted: May 20, 2013
TARDIS Fridge Skin Kit
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Yikes, $185 for the TARDIS fridge skin kit. But it's customized to fit your specific cooler's make and model, so at least you know it will look as sick in your own kitchen as it does in the one in the photo. And if any purchase is guaranteed to withstand the test of time, wouldn't it be one of a TARDIS? I bet these adhesive attachments will still be flying mighty in the year 4789! They may even be in the year 4789 next month!

Police Box skins arrive in sections easy to apply to refrigerator doors, and slightly less easy to apply around handles. The Doctor recommends using an authorized Sonic Screwdriver for assistance--or at least momentarily setting down your Sonic Screwdriver remote control--at these hairy areas. TARDIS top sections are exclusive structures that include the sign, peak roof, and a working beacon. Optional kit add-ons include side skins, a "little phone door" that fits over ice makers and opens/closes, and a programmable audio module that sits inside the fridge and plays beloved Police Box sounds when the doors un-suction.

TARDIS skins integrate best with French door refrigerators, which most precisely emulate a Police Box in appearance and function.

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