The Chef's Press

Posted: July 23, 2022
The Chef's Press
$19 - $31
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The Chef's Press helps you smash your way to the perfect burger, and impress your dinner party guests with pristine criss-crossing grill marks on your chicken breasts and eggplant sides. Chef Bruce Hill created The Chef's Press to elevate and improve upon the traditional cast iron grill press and stainless steel steak weight, designing a vented, weight-adjustable, modular cooking tool you can stack or stagger to put your food into better contact with the pan or grill underneath it. The result: food that cooks more evenly, and 20% to 30% faster.

Hill, who ran the tiny kitchen of Bix Restaurant in San Francisco in the early 2000s, found the cast iron bacon presses he and his cooks were using to be too heavy for many dishes. Plus, their solid, flat design trapped steam, affecting foods' crispness and char. He invented The Chef's Press in 2004, using a base of USA forged steel, a slatted design, and a nesting configuration so chefs can combine Presses to achieve the exact weight they desire for different foods.

The Chef's Press is currently available in 8-, 13-, and 18-ounce weights. You can stack up to 4 presses, either of the same or mix-and-match weights, for multiple press possibilities. Or use them in a staggered arrangement to cover larger items. Use of a single Chef's Press is recommended for burgers and fowl breasts, while two or more will serve you better for thick-cut steaks, pork chops, and cauliflower steaks. You can use the Chef's Press to hold down marinating items and food in a sous vide too.

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