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Posted: September 24, 2015
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English muffins, bagels, Eggos, and Pop-Tarts: always better toasted. Human fingers: not so much. Toaster Buddies is a heat-resistant stainless steel basket designed to cradle your most precious to-toast items. It both keeps them safe and intact and protects you from the burns and hassles of digging out small, bent, smooshed, and delicate items that neglect to pop up when the toaster bar does. It's also 100% less likely to damage your toaster than digging around its private parts with a fork or knife.

Toaster Buddies baskets are sold in sets of 2, and fit inside any standard toaster model. In addition to the breaderific items mentioned above, the cages can be used to heat soft pretzels and reheat chicken fingers, fish sticks, tater tots, and jalapeno poppers. Yum, I'll take a set of Toaster Buddies and a plate of each.

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