Trudeau Toss & Chop Salad Tongs

Posted: July 23, 2017
Trudeau Toss & Chop Salad Tongs
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The Trudeau Toss & Chop Salad Tongs may not be as dreamy as Justin, but they'll still win you over with their helpfulness in the kitchen, and ability to get along with all different types of fruits and vegetables.

The politics of making a salad require you to mesh together unlike ingredients in an effort to create complementary flavors, and a dish people will enjoy (or at least can stomach). To do this, you usually have to tweak, reshape, or cut some of those ingredients to shreds. Trudeau makes the process much easier with their Toss & Chop Salad Tongs. Looking like a cross between scissors and pruning shears, but not really at all like tongs, the tool has a set of stainless steel blades with micro-serrated edges that can chop your salad fixin's right in the bowl.

Rather than hauling out the cutting board and knife, the soft-grip tong handles allow you to place your lettuce or onion in its serving or prep dish, and then snip on through it without damaging the bowl. Trudeau tongs are also easier and safer for the untrained, or pint-sized, chef to use than a knife.

The Toss & Chop Salad Tongs lock shut for storage and, according to Trudeau, should never need sharpening.

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