Umbra Rain Automatic Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser

Posted: May 15, 2022
Umbra Rain Automatic Soap Dispenser
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Welp, Umbra, in years past I would say an automatic soap and sanitizer dispenser, regardless of how snazzy it looks and acts, isn't what anyone has in mind when they say, "Make it rain!" But in this age of pandemics that won't go away, the resultant increased focus on handwashing and sanitation practices, and general product scarcity, I feel like "Make it rain!" in reference to hand soap, sanitizer, or dish soap is probably a regular sentiment for a lot of us. Even if those aren't the exact words we think when pumping a bottle of Mrs. Meyer's or squirting out a dollop of Palmolive.

My point is, Rain is actually a great name for Umbra's 2022 release of an Automatic Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser.

The Rain dispenser's arched design is roomy enough for a hand, cloth, or sponge, and the top underside of the arch houses a soap pump sensor with dual LED indicator signals. A 14-ounce reservoir holds liquid soap or sanitizer, and if the stuff you bought is too thick for the Rain to drizzle to your liking, Umbra recommends thinning it out with some water. The dispenser measures 5.9" x 4.3" x 8.6", and runs on 4 x AAA batteries.

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